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A Data Science and

Machine Learning Studio

We are a group of exploratory engineers who love working on interesting projects in the areas of data science and machine learning, primarily focused on NLP and Time Series Data.

We would love to hear more about your project, and how we can help.

Exploratory Engineering in the Fields of Data Science and Machine Learning

Our team works on interesting projects, often at the cutting edge of what’s possible, helping companies derive insights from their data, and use the latest technologies to help optimize and drive their business.


IOT Data

One of our core focus areas is helping our customers acquire, analyze, and interpret their Internet of Things/Industrial Devices data streams.

Primarily serving customers in three (3) areas – Food production, Agriculture, and Manufacturing/Process Engineering, we partner to deploy data acquisition systems, build systems to collect this data in central (often AWS/GCP or Azure Cloud), and build systems and methods to derive insights from this data.

Robotics and Simulations

In addition to our IOT work, our team works with robotics solution providers (Segway, Softbank, Microsoft) to develop software and data science/machine learning based solutions to industry problems where robotics platforms provide benefit.

In addition to working with products like the Segway Loomo, we also help customers create advanced capabilities around robotic platforms including sensor integration and compute solutions (e.g. LIDAR, Intel Realsense, NVIDIA Jetson, ROS, aand Azure Cognitive Services).

As part and parcel of this work, we have been creating solutions around simulated worlds/models/physics models related to actors/entities to simulate real world situations (evolutionary algorithms, pathfinding, environment interpretation, SLAM, and more recently – epidemic modeling (both disease and ideas).

Natural Language Processing and Time Series Data

Our company was founded on the precepts of doing consulting around natural language processing and time series data analysis. It is from these seeds that our other practice areas have grown, but we still take on projects in the areas of machine learning and data science (less so Image recognition, and more NLP/NLU/Time Series).

As such, we’ve worked on everything from text summarization services, sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, contract analysis, through topic analysis of legislative data sets.

We are always looking for interesting projects to take on, and would love to help you.

Please feel free to contact us (as below) – we would love to hear what you are working on.


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