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A Data Science and

Machine Learning Studio

We are a group of exploratory engineers who love working on interesting projects in the areas of data science and machine learning, primarily focused on NLP and Time Series Data.

We would love to hear more about your project, and how we can help.

Exploratory Engineering in the Fields of Data Science and Machine Learning

Our team works on interesting projects, often at the cutting edge of what’s possible, helping companies derive insights from their data, and use the latest technologies to help optimize and drive their business.


Machine Learning and Data Science

Our team has worked on projects ranging from interpreting data center battery monitoring systems, legal document analysis, state regulation analysis, post incident action reports, industrial product line automation analytics and predictions, and food security.

We have a strong focus on layering our solutions on  both Azure and AWS  cloud offerings, and have done work of recent utilizing some of the more interesting, up-and-coming IOT solutions like Azure Sphere to help customers securely deploy and manage devices in the field (datacenters, industrial production lines, et al.)

Robotics and Automation

 Through our project work, we’ve had the opportunity to work with interesting robotics solutions, including:

– Designing and building applications for the Softbank Pepper robots in retail and conference settings.

– Industrial plant, and food manufacturing robotics performance and predictive analyses.

– Working in the autonomous vehicle segment applying interesting machine learning technologies to simulation and training.


Geospatial Information Systems

Our team can help customers with solutions in the Geospatial Information Systems arena. We have experience connecting data to spatial systems, and utilizing Geographical Information Systems to present data/data layers to our customers to assist in their decision making processes.


We are huge believers in education, and as such love to help out schools/universities interested in the problem spaces we work with. As such, we have a robust internship program, particularly active at the end of the school years, we we can hire students/grads to help us with our projects while gaining industry experience.

We are also happy to come chat and demonstrate interesting technologies (time permitting), to school and other events, and talk about the impact of AI/ML on education and the workforce.

Lastly – if you’re a school robotics team (particularly FIRST) and want some mentoring, please feel to reach out. We have worked with FIRST teams, primarily in the Pacific Northwest, but now expanding to our NY team members.

Please contact us for more information, or to discuss your project.

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